Teaching for Understanding with Technology (CEP810)

Completed online – Fall 2013 – GPA: 4.0

The opening course to the MAET program introduces the TPACK framework, technology integration and digital culture, as well as the foundational theories in the learning sciences. It also discusses the importance of an advanced problem-solving mindset, the policies and practices regarding copyright and sharing, and the affordances and constraints of teaching and learning technologies. A big takeaway is the kickstart to a Personal Learning Network (PLN) that enables educators to connect, learn and share with a wide audience with similar interests.

PLN Visualization

Idea: Concept map

Tool: Spicy Nodes

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Special Interest Group (SIG)

Focus: Educational Screencasting

Team: Nathan and Megan Walker and Gitane Reveilleau

Product: Website

Tool: Weebly

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Adapting Innovative Technologies in Education (CEP811)

Completed online – Fall 2013 – GPA: 4.0

In order to build upon the work started with CEP810, this class focuses on repurposing our learning environment by using existing technologies and creating new ones. Gaining insight into the world of computer programming, game design, online learning and theories of learning, we explored tools such as blogs, WebQuests, and STAIRs, as well as the principles behind the Universal Design for Learning, a useful framework in designing lessons for different types of learners and learning needs.


Content: professional experiences, ideas about teaching and learning, etc.

Tool: WordPress

Address: gteacher.com


Stand Alone Instructional Resource — STAIR

Lesson: Geared towards grades 5/6

Tool: Powerpoint

Download file here

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Lesson: Geared towards Grade 4-5 ELA or EAL

Tool: Weebly

Address: choosetosurvive3.weebly.com

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Applying Educational Technology to Issues of Practice (CEP812)

Completed online – Spring 2013 – GPA: 4.0

With a concentration on issues of practice, based on the concepts of well-structured, ill-structured and wicked problems, CEP812 leads us to the difficult task of finding plausible solutions. We work together to identify, analyze and create products that can tackle these issues, as well as look closely into our info diet, research about special learning needs, and gather data about technology integration and its challenges.

Problem-Solving with Technology Screencast

Idea: Fostering Reading Habits

Tool: Keynote

Video Host: Vimeo

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A Wicked Problem: Reinventing Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century

Process: Think Tank

Focus: Flipped Classrooms

Tools: Smore, Soundcloud, Spicy Nodes and Powtoon

Team: Sarah Smogor, Tiffany Beedy, Courtney Hansen and Gitane Reveilleau

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Flipped Classrooms at AES Delhi — An animation

Interview with Scott Hsu, IB Math Teacher

Tool: Powtoon