One of the last assignments for my MAET program, from Michigan State University, in the Summer Cohort sessions hosted at the National University of Ireland, Galway, is an iMovie project. My classmates and I were invited to think about a powerful, concise message that would convey a topic we felt strongly about and wanted to raise awareness on.

My partner for this project, Laura Phillips, is a Welsh teacher currently working at Seoul Foreign School, in South Korea. Because we are both concerned about the growing suicide rates that happen due to cyber-bullying among teenagers and young adults of all nations, we have decided to create a short film to serve as the starting point of an awareness campaign to take place at schools, either during PD sessions or High School classes.[/vc_column_text]

We hope you can share your thoughts and questions with us and invite you to share this video if you would like to have a voice in this important campaign as well.

Find below the commentary, the Director’s Cut, if you will, where I explain the process and ideas behind it.


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