One of the projects which we dedicated ourselves to in cep811 is called StAIR – or Stand Alone Instructional Resource. The name says it all: It’s a presentation supposed to be run by itself, wherein the student’s comprehension is tested through inductive and deductive questioning. It provides an independent facet to learning, as students can learn at their own pace.

My project focuses on the differentiation of persuasive and informative writing elements and culminates in a performance assessment supposed to lend a contemporary meaning to what was learned. After observing the elements present in a Craigslist, students will be invited to write their own “wacky” entries and publish them to their blogs.

This presentation was created on PowerPoint Kiosk Mode and contains interactive elements which require the visualization to be run in full screen mode. Its download is recommended for its full efficacy. You can find it in the MERLOT DatabaseStAIR – Inform or Persuade?.

Featured image: Alone, CC By Mathias Shoots Analogue

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