This week, we’ve been experimenting with wikis in my class at the MAET program. Wikis stand for an effective sharing and collaboration platform which can be used and edited by virtually anybody.

One task required us to create our own wiki and experiment with it briefly. Here’s my humble product.

The second task suggested going into an existing Wikipedia entry and making changes. I went for my hometown’s — Passo Fundo/Brazil — and corrected a couple of problems that I noticed there.

Take a look at the pictures below to see my modifications:


Featured Image: howtostartablogonline.net

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  • Susan Wright

    I had no idea you were from Brazil. Somehow I had the impression you were from France. Hoped to visit your Wiki – have you had the chance to create an account? Please send the url my way when you have the chance. Thanks a bunch ~ Susan

    • gitaneee

      Hello, Professor! Brazilian with pride. : ) the link to my wiki is in my post, where I mention my “humble product”. Have a great week!

  • gitaneee

    Please find it here as well: http://plengssong.wikispaces.com/home

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